3 Practical Fitness Motivation Strategies for Women

Women have lots of tasks and challenges, and fitness motivation is but one of them. You may be occupied at home, have a career, or a combination of the two. You have to somehow fit exercise into your already overwhelming schedule. It can be especially daunting to return to a prior state of fitness when you’ve been living your life for years since then. Working toward your fitness goals, then, requires you to find a large amount of motivation when you need it. The following fitness motivation techniques for women can help you stay on track.

If maintaining your forward momentum is becoming increasing difficult, you should consider a different approach. It can help to set performance goals and plan rewards for meeting those goals. Look at it as positive reinforcement. Treating yourself to a healthy reward for completing your entire workout routine as planned is a good example. Your reward could be stopping by a healthy sports drink bar for something tasty. You could also choose to reward reaching your goal by indulging in a nice hot bubble bath that evening. Stick with the creative rewards of your choice for meeting performance goals. One quality that you can use to help you along with your exercise program is your intuition. You can be confident that if something isn’t right, your body or thoughts will let you know. You may notice, for example, that on some days, you feel completely "spaced out" and the cause isn’t obvious. Stay on top of your feelings and emotions and never let yourself fall into the trap of getting bogged down. Sometimes, getting too much sleep can leave you feeling just as tired as when you didn’t get enough. Missing workouts can be the downfall of your fitness program, so don’t let yourself skip them if it’s at all possible. Think of every workout you miss as a step further away from your goals.

If you ever find yourself getting into a negative (temporary) habit, such as a rut, then you have to take quick and decisive action to snap out of it. Breaking bad habits is mostly a matter of first noticing them and then devising a strategy to break them. Not dealing with such issues can lead to your having real problems with motivation. When you allow yourself to forget your motives for wanting to exercise, you end up losing all the progress you’ve made. Make a commitment to yourself not to let this occur. Fitness motivation for women does not have to become a quagmire that it seems to be for so many of us. You can find quite a bit of helpful material on this topic. This way, you’ll have various methods to use when you need an extra dose of motivation. Everyone reaches their goals at their own pace, and the only thing you really want to avoid is backsliding.


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